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The Legend

It all started with a meeting.
A meeting between a drunk swede and a homeless man.

09 when a swedish guy on vacation in San Fransisco was out roaming the night, in pursuit of more beverages for a party,
he met a man outside a liquorstore.

-”Can you spare some change?” the man said.

Drunk as he was, the swedish guy held up one of his beers that he just bought and replied:

– Why don’t we share a beer?

In the middle of the night, the two new found friends wandered in to the golden gate park,
to drink in private.

They found a bench to sit on and minutes turned to hours.
The homeless man shared the story of his life with the swedish guy, and this changed the swedish guy forever.

The mans name was joe.
He was a former construction manager with a good salary, nice house and a wife that he truely loved.
Joes life took a devastating turn when his wife suddenly died in a car accident.
In his grief, he just let go. He lost everything he ever owned and finally ended up in the streets.

Joe was one of the nicest, and most down to earth people the swedish guy had ever met..
Joes life was a nightmare compared to the swedes and yet, he was kind, polite and truly positive.
Joe was convinced to get of the streets some day, no matter what.
And to do that, you have to stay positive, He told the swede.
Everything is possible as long as you believe you can do it, he continued.

They spent the whole on that bench sharing experiences and stories from eachothers lives.
Before they finally said good bye to each other, the swedish man gave joe a 100 dollar bill.

100$ was a lot of money even for the swede, but what joe had taught him that night was far more worth it than that.

There is more to say about this meeting of course, but as you might figured out
the swedish man is me.

This brand is forever dedicated to the man in the corner of Height and Ashburry street.

A Cat Named Joe.